Failure of Let’s Encrypt certificate renewal

I recently received a mail from Let’s Encrypt warning me that the certificate for this very site was nearing expiration.

Now that was a bit strange, as this was handled by my Synology NAS, behind my Freebox, and everything was supposed to be automatic. But sure enough when looking at the NAS’ /var/log/messages, there were errors over there, pretending that the renewal failed because of a failure to open port 80. Of course it is opened (as well as port 443), how do you think you’re reading this !

I tried to renew manually : /usr/syno/sbin/syno-letsencrypt renew-all -vv, more info, but at the end "failed to open port 80.". I tested a few things, reached the five tries per hour limit of Let’s Encrypt, so had to sleep over it. At that time, I took a closer look to the verbose output, and noticed that the domain name was correctly resolved to both my ipv4 and ipv6 addresses, and that the latter was chosen. And that was the culprit : my site simply didn’t answer on the ipv6 address (although the address pinged).

I don’t know yet what’s wrong with the ipv6 setup, but for now the workaround is simple : I removed the AAAA entry from my domain provider, and the renewal worked without further trouble.

EDIT November 2019 : I finally took a closer look to the ipv6 issue : I simply hadn’t realized that there is no longer a NAT in this case, each device has its own address ! So I needed the AAAA entry to point directly to the public ipv6 address of the NAS, instead of the address of the Freebox.

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